Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over....

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! Personally I'm glad it's over.... I think I was kind of a "scrooge" this year... With all that happened to my sister & lots of other family problems going on, I just never really got in the spirit of Christmas... Not to say I didn't have some good times through it all! I went to a party at my sister, Debbie's house and had a really fun time... we then went to see Vickie at the hospital and she's doing so good!!! It's just so amazing how God has healed her!!!!!!!!! She is now in a private room and doing rehab. Got a long ways to go, but she's not only going to make it but she's going to be fine!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
On Christmas Eve I had my kiddos all out and loved that! We ate, exchanged gifts and played a Christmas memory game... then Jonathon saddled Ole Man and let the grand kids ride him around the yard. They love that!
On Christmas day, Jonathon opened his gifts and then we went to my step-son's for dinner. I really wasn't feeling that great so came home after dinner and went to bed. It wasn't that great of a day...
Let's see... what else is new...
I'm getting around pretty good with my cane. I still have a lot of pain at night, esp when a cold front is coming through, but guess it will always be that way... I look forward to SPRING!
guess that's about all I know to write about...
Am praying that 2007 will be a BETTER year~~~~
God Bless!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I had such an AWESOME day today!!!!

the wedding was just so very beautiful!!! I cannot wait to get pictures! One of my daughter, shelly's friends is a photographer and took pics and is going to put them online so we can download what we want to print out or have printed or whatever. Shelby was so beautiful! I had to cry coz she looked so good! lol The wedding was done in black & red! course her dress was white, but the bridesmaids were black with red sashes and the flowers were all red roses & white lilies! I got a corsage,too, of course! :) My two grandsons, Kery and Terry Ryan were the ushers and they were dressed in black with red rose boutineers and looked so good! Caleb, the youngest son (9) did the guest book and also helped roll out the carpet when Shelby was ready to walk in. The youngest daughter, Jessica (7) was the flower girl and she was beautiful, too! Had on a long white dress... My grandkids are soooo purty! even the boys! Shelly and Terry looked good, too! Shelly wore a black dress and Jordan's Mom wore a red one. Anyway, as grandparents, we were walked down the aisle right before the wedding started, so that was kinda cool/embarressing! lol They didn't do the regular wedding march song, but one kinda modern song that was "you are so beautiful" or somthing like that. Shelly and Terry and Jordan's mom & dad went on stage at the end and the two dad's read scriptures and had written out little speaches to Bless them. The two mom's lit the candles before the wedding began... oh gosh, there is so much to remember that it probably doesn't make sense all mixed up like this! At the reception, Shelly's friend (the same one who was the photographer) made the cake which was gorgeous! It had a raspberry filling which was different and delicious. They had a chocolate fountain and a fountain for the punch and then they had little appetizers that were real fancy. I'm telling ya, it was so awesome! I'll share the pictures when I get them!
After the wedding, we ran by the hospital and oh my gosh!!!! Vickie was SITTING UP IN BED! Course she still has all the tubes everywhere and the trach and everything... But she had both eyes open, nodding her head when we asked questions, squeezing our hands, ect... even waved bye to us when we left! It is a true miracle!!! I want to write out a testimony to read at church, when I get the nerve up to! Coz this truly is God's miracle! I mean, they told us just 3 or 4 days ago that they didn't think she would ever wake up! I just feel like a weight has lifted from my shoulders.
It just felt so good to have such a good day! and now I am ready to go stretch out on my bed and REST!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Brand new update on my sister!!

I spent the day at the hospital today. Vickie had a trach put in for the ventilator today, and they put a feeding tube in her stomach yesterday. Today she is MUCH better! She is responding more to our voices and she squeezed my hand HARD! PLUS... the nurses who have not been that optimistic because she would never respond to them, said that this morning physical therapy worked with her and she DID respond!!!! She lifted her leg and put it back down on command and a couple other little things! This is just sooo awesome! She still comes and not responding but for a few minutes at a time and then is back out, but it really is great progress! I am just so thankful! God is so good!!!! Everyone in the ICU is saying what a "miracle" she is!
Tomorrow my granddaughter Shelby is getting married... It will be good to attend a happy event to get our minds off all this tragedy!
wow, I can't believe Christmas is a little over a week away. I am not in the mood at all. I do have my gifts all bought & wrapped but that's all... I spent a ton of money on candy/cookie ingredients and now don't even want to go there!~ maybe the mood will hit me next week...Thanks for all the prayers! I know that is what has gotten Vickie where she is today!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

updates and ramblings..

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the many prayers being said for our family! They are truly appreciated! Although the doctors & nurses haven't changed her prognosis at all, WE have faith that things are changing! Today as my daughter spent time with her praying over her, SHE OPENED HER EYES!! Now the medical team are saying it was "involuntary", but Shelly says "she knew"! And Shelly is an RN and knows exactly what her case is like! She truly believes she did know who she was and opened her eyes to see her! Other than that, things are the same, but we are just standing on God's Word for her healing!
Saturday my granddaughter, Shelby is getting married!!! So in the midst of the tragedy, there is a wedding to prepare for! My poor daughter is running herself ragged with this, working, plus trying to go to the hospital every day. The wedding is going to be so awesome! I will have TONS of pictures to share, of course! :) Her husband will be leaving on Jan. 11th for South Korea and Shelby will get to go in a month or so...for a whole year! So we are kinda sad about that... For a girl who has barely been away from home, that's a long ways to go! She just turned 20..
Jonathon has been cutting wood to sell and having all kinds of problems! Believe me, I keep him bathed in prayer every day coz that kid is an accident waiting to happen! HAHA He's worked so hard the past 5 days to cut, split, and load up 7 rick of wood to sell... By the time it's split 3 ways, the boys will have about $150 apiece! That's mighty hard work for that amount of money! He told me it's been kinda fun, though... he has a weird sense of fun, huh? :)
Christmas is upon us!!! I am completely finished with my shopping and today got all the stuff to make all my "goodies" that I give to family and friends... I will be a busy bee for the next week getting it all made! I enjoy doing it, though.
Guess that's about it for the news...
Keep on praying! God is awesome and DOES hear our prayers!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Latest update on my sister

I just talked to my neice, and Vickie now has pneumonia. No change on anything else..
we are having a family meeting tomorrow with the doctor and nurses to get it all laid out on the table: her chances of survival and what she would be like if she did; our options, ect... my b-i-l is still so in denial. He is telling everyone she's 100% better and will wake up and be home for Christmas... Bless his heart!
keep praying!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Tragedy strikes our family...

A lot has happened ...
My sister Vicki has had tragedy strike her family in a mighty way!
First of all, on Nov. 30th during the bad ice storm, their house burnt to the ground! I think I mentioned this in my last post...
Then Tuesday night, she was in a bad car accident! The tire on her truck blew out and she lost control, rolling four times and landing in a small creek. She was thrown from the vehicle (was not wearing a seat belt) and has intensive head injuries as well as a broken leg. She was life-flighted to St. Francis hospital in Tulsa and is in critical condition. They did brain surgery on her immedietly and gave her a 10% chance of surviving the surgery... She is still with us, but with no changes since she came out of surgery. They are still not very optimistic about her ever waking up, but what do THEY know??? GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! She is responding to sounds by her BP rising and her legs & left arm moving, but the doctor says it's "involuntary movement".. we were sure it was because she knew we were there and could hear us talking to her.
Anyway, it's tough! Please keep her in your prayers as well as her husband, Bobby, and sons Bobby, Jr. and Trampas & wife Brooke. They also have two grandkids, which live with them 90% of the time, so these little ones need your prayers too as they don't understand where there grandma is!
Life is hard sometimes! Just gotta keep the faith!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's definitely winter here in Okieland!

We had a huge storm come in on Wednesday (Nov. 30th) that left us with about 12" of snow on top of 2" of ice! It has not been fun!!! To top things off, the temps are still hovering below freezing so there's no chance of any thawing going on until sometime mid-week! It's soooo cold, esp at night! It got down to 2 degrees last night! brrrrrr....
The guys are having to haul water by bucket out to the barns coz the outside faucet screwed up... they've been taking it out there about 3-4 times a day...((and that's a lot of water for 3 horses, a pig, a lamb, and 3 dogs!!) (the cat's in the house) and to top that, we've had to move Ole Man, our 25 yr old horse, up to the neighbor's barn (it's an empty house) coz the old coot wouldn't let the other two horses get in our barn out of the snow, so that's that much farther to haul water, too... I know the guys will be glad to see this all be over! Jonathon, especially is going stir-crazy coz he's not used to staying home with nothing to do! He's played a lot of vidoe games which he hasn't done in years!
Still no signs of Cassie having her colt yet... Sure hope she doesn't go in labor NOW! I wouldn't get to be out there, for sure...
Our church is even cancelling services for tomorrow! I'm kinda glad in a way coz we had some special things happening and I knew I wouldn't be able to get out to go! so, hopefully next Sunday will be better so I won't miss out!
On a sad note.... my sister, Vicki's house burned to the ground during the bad storm Wednesday night! Apparently the washer shorted out and caused the fire. They lost everything, including her little dog, which really upset her! They have no insurance as it was an old, old house way out in the country... Keep them in your prayers!
hope everyone is staying warm!